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Summary of the School Board meeting on April 16, 2019.




 A Summary of the School Board Meeting Held on April 19, 2019


  • At 5:00 p.m. President Bielski convened the regular meeting of the Aberdeen School Board in the Community Room at Aberdeen High School. Members present were Jennifer Durney, Bill Dyer, Erin Farrer and Jeff Nelson, along with Superintendent Alicia Henderson, student representative Katelynn Lewis and approximately 163 patrons and staff. The meeting began with the Flag salute.

  • The Board approved the Consent Agenda, which included the minutes of the regular meeting on March 29, 2019; March payroll vouchers totaling $3,537,220.63; General Fund vouchers totaling $275,631.95; ASB Fund vouchers totaling $22,660.57; Capital Projects Fund vouchers totaling $282,709.02 and a Private Purpose Trust Fund voucher in the amount of $203.09; approved a trip request for the FFA at Aberdeen High School to travel to Colville for the FFA State Forestry on April 25-26, and accepted a gift to the District in the amount of $500.00 from Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

  • President Bielski commented on the experiences of Ben Fagerstedt, an AHS senior whose impromptu vocal performance at a concert in Tacoma has resulted in widespread coverage on Facebook, as well as television and radio interviews and performances.

  • Student Representative Katelynn Lewis provided an update on student activities in the District.

  • Lindsey Henke, parent of a student at Stevens Elementary School, spoke in support of school counselors.

  • Jodie Charters, EL teacher at Aberdeen High School, spoke in support of the EL teachers and coaches.

  • Veronica DeAlba Cruz spoke in support of the EL program and school counselor positions.

  • A letter from Monica Shay, a special education teacher in the District, in support of the counseling staff was presented on her behalf by Cathleen Peterson.

  • Tricia Sorensen, a parent in the District, spoke in support of school counselors.

  • Kellie Silveira, a parent in the District, spoke in support of para-educators in classrooms, better communication to parents about proposed reductions and improving parent involvement in the schools.

  • The Board voted to approve Odysseyware as the District’s online/digital curriculum as recommended by the Instructional Materials Committee.

  • Superintendent Henderson provided an update on the 2018-2019 focus areas, including PBIS, the updated science curriculum pilot, kindergarten coding, changes to AVID next year and special education funding.

  • Superintendent Henderson noted that reservations have been made for the WSSDA Spring Meeting for Region 5 that will take place at Aberdeen High School on April 30. The AHS culinary students will cater it.

  • Superintendent Henderson provided an update on the current legislative session, offering comment on bills that affect graduation requirements, social emotional learning instruction, mental health access, special education funding, and adjustments to the local levy lid.

  • Superintendent Henderson discussed at length the Reduced Education Plan for 2019-2020 and presented it for Board approval.

  • Following comment by Directors Jeff Nelson, Erin Farrer and William Dyer, the Board approved Resolution 2019-07 Adopting a Reduced Education Plan for 2019-2020.

  • Executive Director of Business and Operations Elyssa Louderback presented the Fiscal Status Report for March.
  • The Board approved a special education contract with Grays Harbor Community Hospital to provide physical therapy services.

  • The Board approved a request from Robert Gray Elementary School to declare inventoried books as presented surplus and no longer needed for instruction or use in the District.

  • The Board approved a revision to the 2019-2020 Calendar to move the professional development day in February to Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

  • The next regular meeting of the Board is set for 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 7, in the Community Room at Aberdeen High School.

  • Tara Mareth, a parent in the District, offered comment in support of school counselors and communication about the process.

  • Lisa Templeton, a teacher at McDermoth Elementary School, offered comment on the importance of access to counselors during the entire school day.

  • Cathleen Peterson, a teacher at McDermoth Elementary School and WEA PAC manager for Chinook Uniserve, offered comment suggesting the teachers and District work together to move the Legislature.

  • Shauna Stead, a parent in the District, offered comment about administrative positions, stipends for using personal vehicles on district business and in support of elementary counselors.

  • Following an executive session, the Board approved the Personnel Report.