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Summary of the School Board meeting on October 16, 2018.




 A Summary of the School Board Meeting Held on October 16, 2018


  • At 5:00 p.m. President Bielski convened the regular meeting of the Aberdeen School Board in the Community Room at Aberdeen High School. Members present were Jennifer Durney, William Dyer and Jeff Nelson, along with Superintendent Alicia Henderson and approximately 55 patrons and staff. The meeting began with the Flag salute.

  • The Board approved the Consent Agenda, which included the minutes of the regular meeting on October 2, 2018; September payroll vouchers 826099 through 826143 totaling $3,610,381.30; General Fund vouchers 826145 to 826150, 826174 to 826175 and 826177 to 826291 totaling $683,403.59, ASB Fund vouchers 826151 to 826169, 826176 and 826292 totaling $10,214.02, Capital Projects Fund 826144 in the amount of $17,983.90 and Private Purpose Trust Fund vouchers 826170 to 826173 totaling 6580.00; a grant in the amount of $21,083.07 from the Marian J. Weatherwax Charitable Trust in support of the AVID initiative and world language proficiency testing, a grant in the amount of $8,325.99 from the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation following the District’s participation in the 17th annual Comcast Cares Day at Central Park Elementary School and a grant in the amount of $500.00 for Tessa Pfeiffer’s class at McDermoth Elementary School from the employee giving program of The Wonderful Company at the request of Kaitlyn Ziolkowski.
  • Student Representative Natalie Hurd provided an update on events at Aberdeen High School, including Foodball, which begins Friday, Nov. 2.

  • Becky Carrossino gave a report on the All Class Reunion that took place in August and reported that the event resulted in a $14,567.00 donation to the Aberdeen Museum.

  • Carrie Erwin offered comments on the successful Comcast Cares event at Central Park Elementary School and thanked the staffs in the Maintenance Department and Business Office for their support.

  • The Board adopted revisions to the Policy 5000 series as presented.

  • Superintendent Henderson announced that the Budget Advisory Committee has been formed and the first meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 17.

  • Superintendent Henderson provided an update on the Sixth Grade to Miller Task Force.

  • Superintendent Henderson provided an update on the 2018-2019 focus areas.

  • Executive Director of Business and Operations Elyssa Louderback provided the Fiscal Status Report for September.

  • The Board adopted Resolution 2018-05 Revising the Four-Year Budget Projection (F-195-F).

  • Maintenance Supervisor Mike Pauley and Elyssa Louderback presented a five-year overview of upcoming maintenance and facility needs.

  • D.A. Davidson representatives Jon Gores and Corey Plager presented information on options for funding a 6th Grade building at Miller Junior High School.

  • The Board approved the 2018-2019 application for the Carl Perkins Grant for CTE funding.

  • The Board approved a modified contract with the YMCA of Grays Harbor for a condensed after school program.

  • The Board approved a memorandum of understanding with Grays Harbor College for the provision of clinical experience in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education program.

  • The Board approved the purchase of a new 78-passenger bus in the amount of $139,470.21 from Schetky Northwest Sales.

  • The Board approved a contract for special education services with CoreMedical Group to provide a speech language pathologist to work in the District.

  • The next meeting of the Board is set for 5 p.m. Tuesday, November 6, in the Community Room at Aberdeen High School.

  • Athletic Director Aaron Roiko announced that Aberdeen will host the district swim meet in November at the YMCA of Grays Harbor.

  • Following an executive session, the Board approved the Personnel Report.

  • Director Jennifer Durney shared information about a harassment, intimidation and bullying incident that was reported to her.