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DRAGON TALES: Weekly Announcements

Week of Oct. 23-27

Students: Reminder that the Left door is open in the morning before school. Students:

Testing is this week. We will be testing in Room 19 and 14 from 8:05-11:30 Daily. Please check to see if you are a tester, and what room you should be in upon check in.

Students: Friday is a conference prep day, and there is an 11:30 early release for you. Lunch will be served, and key ceremony is at 11:00. Conferences are next week on 10/31 (12-3) 11-1 (4-7) 11-2 (12-7) and 11/3. We will be dismissed early on each of those days, although on 11-1 it will be a 12:40 dismissal.

Students graduating this year: if you HAVE attended Aberdeen High School and wish to walk during their graduation ceremony on June 8th 2018, MUST get permission from the AHS principal first, then be at AHS on Wednesday 10/25 during both lunches to order caps and gowns. (You will be required to purchase those). If you do not order on that day you will not be allowed to walk in their ceremony. If you have never attended AHS they will not allow you to participate in their ceremony.

Focus Thursday is Thursday. We will be in periods 5, 6, 7 in the a.m.

There are updated student accident insurance packets that will be handed out at conferencces for the upcoming school year.

Students are reminded that if you are leaving school for an appointment, emergency, etc. you must sign out with the office first.

Students please make sure you keep your PLAN Sheets with you all day...these will serve as your Hall Pass.

After School Program: Monday Open Gym, Tuesday Metal Shop, Wednesday No ASP, Thursday Crafty Dragons, Friday No ASP

Point Goals for this October are 139.