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Highly Capable referral season is here! 
Highly Capable Identification Process
The process of identifying Highly Capable students begins with a teacher, parent, or community member submitting a referral. Anyone may nominate a student for assessment. To recommend a student for testing, a Highly Capable Referral must be received by March 24, 2023. Please submit all referrals to or drop in inner district mail to McDermoth. In order to participate in testing, students must have a referral indicating exceptional abilities and parental consent to test. Please ensure you have obtained a parent signature before submitting the referral form. Once a referral is received, families will be notified of the student referral and provided information regarding the assessment process. 
Student test results and other assessment measures are evaluated by the Highly Capable multidisciplinary selection team. Notice of qualification for Highly Capable Services will be mailed to families and services will begin the following school year.
Please reach out if you have any questions.
Mindi Hammill
McDermoth Principal
Hi-Cap Director