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HLC October 2023 Newsletter

Harbor Learning Center (HLC)

September/October/November Calendar


Sept 27 Early Release @ 12:45 PM for District-wide Collaboration

Sept 27 Student of the Month Recognition Ceremony

Sept 29 Orange Shirt Day

Sept 29 Blood Drive

Oct 2 Gratitude Challenge Begins

Oct 3 Picture Retakes

Oct 13 Early Release @ 11:00 AM for SLC prep

Oct 18  Great Shake Out Drill @ 10:18 AM

Oct 19  ASProgram Family Night 5-7

Oct 19 and Oct 20 NO SCHOOL, Conferences only

Oct 25 Early Release @ 12:45 PM for District- wide Collaboration

Nov 10 No School Veterans Day

Nov 22, 23, 24 No School Thanksgiving

Principal’s message Feel free to give me a call here at school at (360) 538- 2180 or email me at

We have some changes to our schedule coming up for the Great Shake Out and Student Led Conferences.  Please see the below information: 

Student Led Conferences

It’s almost time for our favorite fall activity- Harbor Junior Senior High Student Led Conferences!  We have conferences the same days as AHS and MJH.  This gives all of our families the opportunity to meet individually with their student’s advisory teacher and drop in for quick visits with other teachers.  Students prepare a short google slides presentation and talk about the progress they are making in their classes and progress toward graduation.    Please contact your student’s advisory teacher to confirm your conference time.

Friday, October 13  Early Dismissal 11:00 AM (Conference Prep for Staff)

Thursday, October 19  NO CLASSES  Conferences from 12:40 PM- 7:00 PM

Friday, October 20  NO CLASSES  Conferences from 8:10 AM to 2:15 PM

After School Program Family Night

All students and families are welcome to our first family night on Thursday, October 19th from 5-7.  We purposely scheduled a time during conferences when many families are on campus.  Stop by the cafeteria to meet the After School Program staff.  We will have snacks, some fun activities, and some great information about the importance of attending school.

Great Shake Out October 18th

The Great Shake Out is coming 10:18 AM on 10/18/23!  Our school district will participate in an earthquake drill followed by a tsunami evacuation/drill.  Students should be ready for the weather and ready to hike up the hill.  We had a lot of fun the last couple of years, and it is so important for students to know where to go in case of an emergency.


Counseling Office message- Kasi Turner

We are excited to continue using Skyward for students’ classroom contracts.  Students and families can log into Skyward like they do at MJH and AHS to see the progress each student is making towards completing a .5 credit in a class.  Having trouble with Skyward?  Check with me, the secretaries, or Emma in the computer lab.  Do you have questions about your student’s progress toward graduation?  Give me a call or stop by.   Does your student need someone to listen and assist with problem solving?  I can do that, too.  I can also assist your family in accessing BHR counseling services. - Kasi Turner, HLC Counselor,

After School Program

Our After School Program has started!  It is from  2:45-4:15 Monday through Thursday.   There is NO Before School Program.   Grays Harbor Academy on-line students and GED students can attend our After School Program.  We offer homework help and state test tutoring.  We are hoping our students will assist in the planning and delivery of some fun  activities as well.  The program is staffed by Michele Nipper, Teresa Simpson, Cassandra Chesterman, and Ted White.  Bryce Fitzpatrick from GHA is also available.  For any questions, please feel free to reach out to Lisa Griebel at 

Technology message- Emma Wimberley

Please remind students they will need to bring their device every day and have it charged. Remember, this is a district issued device, and students do not have privacy on them. These devices are monitored. Improper use will result in a restricted account or loss of a device.  Some staff use Go Guardian to monitor student use of chromebooks during their classes.  Our district uses Gaggle as a way to monitor student use of computers and the internet.

Safe and Supportive Campus Expectations

Our school is a choice school.  Students and families CHOOSE to attend.  We follow the same district policies and expectations as our other district schools.  We continue to work with our students to follow these expectations which in turn supports a safe learning environment.  One change students will notice this 2023-2024 school year is a SIGNIFICANT change in what students are allowed to do during lunch, in the parking lot, and in the areas surrounding our school. Not 18? You can not leave during lunch.  18 or over? You can sign yourself out for lunch, but will lose that privilege if you return late to class.  Students must follow our district and teacher cell phone guidelines and the NO tobacco/vaping guidelines. 

Open Doors/GED Program

We are in year three of our Open Doors/GED program, and it is very successful!  If your student is 16 years of age and behind in credits, they might be eligible to enroll in our GED program.  We had over 30 students earn their GED in 2021-22 and over 50 students earn their GED in 2022-23.   Many of our students enroll in the Open Doors/GED program and then return to work on their high school diploma after earning their GED.  A completed GED is worth FOUR high school credits.  Contact Tedd White for more information:

Grays Harbor Academy Information

We host our district’s online school, GHA.  We have over forty  K-12 students enrolled in this online option.  It is important to talk to us before considering this online option.  We contract with an online school, Edgenuity.  This online option is very different from the distance learning offered in the 2020-2021 school year or during our temporary switch to distance learning in January of 2022.  It is a 100% ONLINE school with ONLINE teachers and the expectations are VERY HIGH!  It works best for students who are self motivated, self starters, and love working on a computer for over 5 hours a day.  Students who struggle online will be required to come to the HLC and receive support as part of an intervention.  We have staff on site to support our online students!  Students who do not make adequate progress online will be returned to in-person school.  We are still enrolling students of all grades into our online school.  Please let us know if you are interested.  Contact Robert Sutlovich for more info:


Students all around the Aberdeen School District will be doing i-Ready testing this year, and Grays Harbor Academy is no exception.  We will test in mid-September.  I-Ready gives excellent data and provides many opportunities for supplemental learning and perfecting basic skills.  Lessons and activities are targeted at each student’s level and areas of improvement.  It is awesome to see the progress that students make throughout the year!! 



To access the Family Portal, request access from one of your student’s teachers by providing your STUDENT’S FIRST AND LAST NAME, YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME, AND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. You will then receive an email with a LINK to the portal, and another with a randomly generated access code. Click the LINK, then enter the ACCESS CODE and your EMAIL ADDRESS, and create a PASSWORD.   After initial setup, you can log in with your email address and password at any time to review your student’s progress. 


With the addition of more staff to support our students, we have changed some of the tasks/ responsibilities.  We hope this helps direct you to the correct contact.  As always, anyone can point you in the right direction. 


Robert Sutlovich Online Support Teacher

360-538-2180 EXT 3303

Parent meetings/communication

Student learning plans

Weekly check-ins

Monthly progress reports

Intervention Plans


Senior outreach for HSBP

MTSS Paras

Aaron Doull 

360-538-2180 EXT 3327

Fitzpatrick, Bryce

360-538-2180 EXT 3328

Student help sessions

Printing for parents

Workbook disbursement

Tech Troubleshooting

i-Ready testing

Kasi Turner Counselor



Graduation plans

Emma Wimberley MTSS Assistant

360-538-2180 EXT 3304

Work Cell: 360-581-1154

Computer check-outs and returns

Student Fee Questions

Special Education Teacher

Mark Borgens





HLC Main Office- 

The HLC Office Service Window is open Monday- Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  You can also call the main office at (360) 538-2180.  A secure drop box is available for after hours drop off of materials.  Most “business” can be conducted through our HLC service window.