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HLC December Newsletter

 Harbor Learning Center (HLC)

December/January Calendar


Dec 6 Early Release @ 12:45 PM for District- Wide Collaboration

Dec 7 Native American College Fair Field Trip

Dec 15 Early Release Winter Break 11:00 AM   FUN HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES!

Dec 18-Jan 1 Winter Break

Jan 2 School resumes

Jan 10 Early Release Collaboration 12:45

Jan 11 Financial Aid Night! After School Program Night!

Jan 15 No School MLK Holiday

Jan 26 Early release end of semester 11:00 AM

Principal Message:

Hard to believe the holidays are here!  There are many ways to celebrate winter holidays and enjoy time off from school together with friends or family.  Celebrate the season in a budget friendly way!

  • Homemade Decorations: Challenge your family/friends to create your own holiday decorations using materials you already have.  Get creative with paper, fabric, and recycled items.

  • Potluck Gatherings: Instead of hosting a full meal for family/friends all on your own, organize a potluck gathering where each guest brings a dish. 

  • DIY Gifts: Encourage everyone to consider making gifts instead of buying.  A handmade gift can be more meaningful and cost less.   Or set a budget limit for everyone!

  • Outdoor Activities: Take advantage of this beautiful area we live in to do free or low-cost outdoor activities. Hike, walk the beach, clam dig!  

  • Movie Nights at Home: Instead of traveling out of the area to a theater, have a movie night at home with friends or family. Choose a theme or watch holiday classics. Make it more festive by preparing homemade popcorn and snacks.

  • Volunteer: Give back to our community by volunteering as a family/friend group.  Many local organizations have opportunities during the holiday season. Make a positive impact and create a tradition of service.

  • Holiday Lights Tour: Enjoy the festive decorations in your neighborhood or nearby towns. Check social media for tours and promotions here and nearby.

  • DIY Holiday Cards: Don’t buy expensive holiday cards, make your own. The personal touch is appreciated by the recipients and it can be a memorable activity.

  • Virtual Celebrations: If traveling or hosting a gathering is not feasible, consider virtual celebrations. One of the good things about COVID is the availability of using video conferencing tools to connect with loved ones and share the holiday spirit.

  • Thrift Shopping: Pick up holiday decor and festive clothing at our local thrift stores. You will find unique, budget-friendly items that add a special touch to your celebrations.

  • Budget-Friendly Recipes: Plan a holiday meal with budget-friendly recipes. Look for sales and discounts at grocery stores, and consider buying generic or store-brand products.  Make it a fun challenge for your students to use their math skills.


Remember, make holidays about spending time with those you care about and create memorable moments, not about spending a lot of money. Focus on the simple joys of the season and be resourceful. We can have a meaningful and enjoyable holiday experience without breaking the bank.



Counseling Office message- Kasi Turner

Yay! All Graduation Plans have been turned in!  We will have a Scholarship/Financial Aid Family Event on January 11th. Put this on your calendar! The parent meeting for graduation is scheduled in April. I will provide all the information you will need to know about caps, gowns, diplomas, the ceremony, etc. at that time. 

Students and families can log into Skyward like they do at MJH and AHS to see the progress each student is making towards completing a .5 credit in a class.  Having trouble with Skyward?  Check with me, the secretaries, or Emma in the computer lab.  Do you have questions about your student’s progress toward graduation?  Give me a call or stop by.   Does your student need someone to listen and assist with problem solving?  I can do that, too.  I can also assist your family in accessing BHR counseling services. - Kasi Turner, HLC Counselor,

After School Program

Our After School Program has started!  It is from  2:45-4:15 Monday through Thursday.   There is NO Before School Program.   Grays Harbor Academy on-line students and GED students can attend our After School Program.  We offer homework help and state test tutoring.  We are hoping our students will assist in the planning and delivery of some fun  activities as well.  The program is staffed by Michele Nipper, Teresa Simpson, Cassandra Chesterman, and Ted White.  Bryce Fitzpatrick from GHA is also available.  Drop ins are welcome as long as the student has permission from their family.  For any questions, please feel free to reach out to Lisa Griebel at 

Technology message- Emma Wimberley

Please remind students to check for any chargers they may have borrowed. Unfortunately, we don’t have any spare chargers as some students have borrowed them and they have not been returned. This has also affected new students' ability to start their schooling, as we cannot give out a device without a charger! Students that have borrowed multiple chargers have fees in their account until they are returned. For any questions, please send an email to Emma Wimberley at

Safe and Supportive Campus Expectations

Our school is a choice school.  Students and families CHOOSE to attend.  We follow the same district policies and expectations as our other district schools.  We continue to work with our students to follow these expectations which in turn supports a safe learning environment.   Cell phone use is still an issue, and it is important that students follow staff members expectations around cell phone use.  Additionally, we frequently review our state, district, and school policies and expectations around Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying.  Many of our students chose our school knowing that it is a safe place to be themselves.  It is important that our teens are always respectful of others and make it right when they forget to do so.

ASB information

The HLC ASB has been very busy with a variety of activities.  During December, students will have the opportunity to participate in a daily attendance challenge for some pretty cool prizes such as fun socks, gloves, hats and other goodies.  A Winter Dance is in the works for either January or February, so stay tuned for more information.  Also in the planning stages are Candy Grams for Valentine’s Day.  If you have any questions or concerns you would like to have the ASB address, please find your Class Representative.

Open Doors/GED Program

We are in year three of our Open Doors/GED program, and it is very successful!  If your student is 16 years of age and behind in credits, they might be eligible to enroll in our GED program.  We had over 30 students earn their GED in 2021-22 and over 50 students earn their GED in 2022-23.   Many of our students enroll in the Open Doors/GED program and then return to work on their high school diploma after earning their GED.  A completed GED is worth FOUR high school credits.  Contact Tedd White for more information:  There are attendance expectations for GED as well.  Students must attend in person for the first month they are enrolled at least one hour a week.  Students must check in with Tedd White every week- in person, by phone, etc.  Also students MUST make progress towards completing their GED.  If students are unable to do this, their enrollment in GED will be reconsidered.  Also, students must have a government issued ID in order to take a GED test.  Let us know if we can assist your family in getting an ID.

Grays Harbor Academy Information

We host our district’s online school, GHA.  We have over eighty K-12 students enrolled in this online option.  It is important to talk to us before considering this online option.  We contract with an online school, Edgenuity.  This online option is very different from the distance learning offered in the 2020-2021 school year or during our temporary switch to distance learning in January of 2022.  It is a 100% ONLINE school with ONLINE teachers and the expectations are VERY HIGH!  It works best for students who are self motivated, self starters, and love working on a computer for over 5 hours a day.  Students who struggle online will be required to come to the HLC and receive support as part of an intervention.  We have staff on site to support our online students!  Students who do not make adequate progress online will be returned to in-person school.  We are still enrolling students of all grades into our online school.  Please let us know if you are interested.  Contact Robert Sutlovich for more info: 


One more item to consider.  We are getting several students with active truancy petitions asking to enroll in Grays Harbor Academy.  While we can accept these students, the petition does not go away and students are required to make satisfactory progress in their online classes.    



On the student’s Edgenuity dashboard, click “Add Guardian.”  You will be asked to create a username and password and this will allow you to monitor your child’s progress.  We also send out progress reports weekly via email and parents/guardians are CC’ed on all communication.


Seniors:  Now is the time to be thinking about what you want to do for your senior experience!  Check the HSBP course  in Canvas for details.  Your senior proposal must be approved first before you start accumulating hours toward your project.


High school students:  Are you thinking about transferring to Grays Harbor Academy?  Because we are so late into the semester, we are currently only enrolling high school students into 4 classes, instead of the usual 6.  If you are a new high school student, this will cause you to be credit deficient if you choose GHA as your schooling option.  After 12 weeks, December 4, 2023,  that will drop down to 3 classes.  You are expected to complete an entire semester worth of class, regardless of when you enroll.  We will not accept any high school students after December 11, 2023 unless there is an administrative placement.  In mid-late January, we will begin enrolling students for second semester classes.  Second semester classes will begin January 29, 2024.    


Course Completion:  For online classes, students must complete AT LEAST 80% of the class material to be considered for a passing grade.  Once you hit 80% complete and your overall grade is satisfactory to you, please let Robert know and you may take an early exit from that class.  Of course, you are welcome to complete the entire course and be advised you may be skipping over material you will need for your second semester class, especially in math, science, or foreign language classes.  First semester classes end on January 19, 2024.  This is a hard date, no extensions will be given.  It seems far off, but it will be here before you know it!         


With the addition of more staff to support our students, we have changed some of the tasks/responsibilities.  We hope this helps direct you to the correct contact.  As always, anyone can point you in the right direction. 

Robert Sutlovich Online Support Teacher

360-538-2180 EXT 3303

Parent meetings/communication

Student learning plans

Weekly check-ins

Monthly progress reports

Intervention Plans


Senior outreach for HSBP

MTSS Paras

Aaron Doull 

360-538-2180 EXT 3327

Fitzpatrick, Bryce

360-538-2180 EXT 3328

Student help sessions

Printing for parents

Workbook disbursement

Tech Troubleshooting

i-Ready testing

Kasi Turner Counselor



Graduation plans

Emma Wimberley MTSS Assistant

360-538-2180 EXT 3304

Computer check-outs and returns

Student Fee Questions

Special Education Teacher

Mark Borgens

Imagine Edgenuity




HLC Main Office- 

The HLC Office Service Window is open Monday- Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  You can also call the main office at (360) 538-2180.  A secure drop box is available for after hours drop off of materials.  Most “business” can be conducted through our HLC service window.  Remember, the school office is closed on holidays and breaks.