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DRAGON TALES: Weekly Announcements

Week of February 18-22

The computer lab is open both before school (7:30 am) and after school (2:45 pm).

Students: If you are in the Math or ELA COE need to be there getting stuff done. This right now may be a one shot opportunity at getting your Math and ELA testing requirements done, but you have to do the work and there are DEADLINES. Don't blow this opportunity!

Students: Please be mindful of your language in the hallways. There are little ears hearing what you say, and little mouths that may repeat what you say. We would rather not have a little person have their mouths washed out with soap for a word you accidentally taught them. Thank you.

HHS Winter Conferences are this week. Conferences are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We will be on an 11:30 Early Release for all three days with lunch being served.

Students: We have students and staff who have allergies, or sensitivities to the chemicals found in perfumes, and/or scented products. Please do not spray or use these products at school.

Students are reminded that if you are leaving school for an appointment, emergency, etc. you must sign out with the office first.

Students please make sure you keep your PLAN Sheets with you all day...these will serve as your Hall Pass.

Point Goals for February: Seniors and Juniors-110 points. Sophomores and Freshmen-130 points.