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School Supply List


 Miller Junior High will provide supplies for any student who is unable to purchase them.  Please let office staff, a teacher, or your counselor know if you need any necessary school supplies.

Suggested School Supply List*

Good quality 3-ring binder: one 3” binder or two 2” binders

Tabbed subject dividers (6)

Zipper pouch to store supplies

Pens - black or blue (2 or more)


College-rule notebook paper

3-pronged folder with pockets (report folder)


Calculator for home use

Other Suggested Supplies:

Post it notes (3x3)

3 colors of highlighters

12 pack of colored pencils

PE Supply list:

PE shirts and shorts- which can be purchased at Back to School Days or throughout the school year.

Athletic shoes- that tie  (For safety reasons, please do not wear backless shoes, slip on shoes, or shoes with laces on the inside)

Deodorant: roll on or stick. (NO SPRAYS)

Socks (two pair)

Sweatshirt WITHOUT POCKETS for chilly days (can be hooded).

If you would like, you can bring your own PE Uniform.  Shorts should be "basketball style" solid navy blue or black (mid thigh or longer).  T-shirts should be solid grey with no scoop neck or v-neck.