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Sports Games and Competitions- Student Spectator Expectations at Miller, AHS, and other school venues

We love when students support their friends and family by attending the sporting events at Miller and the high school.
However, please follow these expectations:

1) Students can NOT stay after school and WAIT for the game/competition to begin.  Any student staying after school for any reason must be supervised by a Miller staff person.  Supervision for sporting events starts at 3:45.  Students would need to go home and then come back.

2) Students must stay seated in the stadium/bleachers during the game/competition.  Getting up for personal needs is OK, but then students are expected to return to their seats.

3) Once students leave the school (go outside), they can not return.  They will need to go home at that point.

4) Students must follow all school rules at the game/competition.
5) Treat students, staff, other teams, and community members with respect.

6) Follow staff directions.

7) Use School Appropriate Language.
8) No PDA (public display of affection).

9) Keep hands and feet to yourself (and objects).

10) Leave the drama at home.

11) Leave campus/area 10 minutes after game/event ends

Students who can not follow these expectations will be unable to attend future events and may be subject to school discipline.