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8th Grade (Class of 2023) Moving Up Assembly

 Friday, June 14th 10 AM to 11 AM

8th Grade Moving Up Assembly.


For Parents/Guardians 

To help parents/guardians plan for this end of the year assembly, the following questions and answers were compiled.

What happens during this assembly?

It is a long standing tradition at Miller Junior High to end the last day of school with the Moving Up Assembly.  This assembly honors and celebrates the entire departing 8th grade class.  The assembly consists of just a few traditional awards and a celebration slide show.  The students are honored as “a class”.  There is no individual recognition like seniors experience at a high school graduation.

When is the Moving Up Assembly?

It is on the last day of school, Friday, June14th, from 10 AM to 11 AM. (Unless there is some sort of school closure and we need to have a make up day.)

Where is the Assembly?

It is in the Miller Junior High Gym.

Who is invited to the Moving Up Assembly?

All of the Miller Junior High students and staff go to the Assembly- that is over 600 people.  Parents/Guardians/Family of 8th Graders are welcome as well.

Eighth Grade Students who make poor choices at the end of the year could lose their privilege to attend the assembly.

Where do Parents/Guardians sit?

The lower bleachers are reserved for Parents/Guardians.  There will be some seating in chairs for parents/guardians whose mobility limits ability to climb the bleachers.

Where do Parents/Guardians park?

The limited visitor parking at Miller Junior High fills up quickly.  Many visitors opt to park at Pioneer Park and walk to Miller via the trail.  There is some handicapped parking available at Miller.

What time can Parents/Guardians arrive?

Parents/Guardians enter from the back gym doors.  These doors do not open for Parents/Guardians until 9:15 AM. 

What can Parents/Guardians do when they arrive?

Thank you in advance for not arriving until the doors open.  School is in session.  For the safety of our students and staff, visitors (parents/guardians/family) will not be allowed to wander around campus.

Also, the 8th graders are practicing for the event in the gym.  Thanks in advance for not interfering with the practice.

I heard some Parents/Guardians bring gifts or balloons, is that OK?

Parents/Guardians have brought school appropriate items to previous assemblies.  If you choose to bring these items into the gym, please be aware that students can not receive them until AFTER the assembly.  Also, these items can NOT block the view of others.  If they block the view, a school official will be taking the items out of the gym to keep in the cafeteria until after the assembly.

What do students wear?

School dress code applies.  Most students wear “every day” school clothes to this assembly.

What should parents/guardians wear?

This is a school activity and attended by families.  Thank you in advance for dressing appropriately for the event.

What happens after the assembly?

The buses leave at 11:07 ON THE DOT!  The students riding the bus must be able to exit the assembly and get to the buses.  Parents/Guardians are asked to have a reunification plan ahead of time with their students.  Parents and Guardians will be asked to wait in the Student Center after the assembly if they are not meeting their student at their car or have another plan.  Staff will be busy cleaning out their rooms and turning in their grades.  We will ask that all families exit the building by 11:15 AM. 

What is the protocol for photography and videotaping?

This is a public event so photography and videotaping is allowed.  Please take these photos/videos from your seat and please do not block the view of others.