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IMPORTANT 8th Grade Celebration Information!

 What: 8th Grade Celebration

The Class of 2023 Parents/Guardians provide an end of year celebration for our 8th Grade Students.


MJH Cafeteria and Gym


June 14th (Last Day of School) 7-9 PM


The event is "FREE" to the students.  However, parents/guardians are asked to donate or assist in fundraising to pay for the activity.

How can parents/guardians help?

You can join the parent/guardian facebook page to get information.

Miller 8th Grade Celebration is the name of the page

We are looking for:

1) Donations- $$$$$$$ or items we can use as prizes at activities

2) People to help with the fundraising events

3) People to chaperone the event


Minutes from March 10th 6 PM meeting

Parents/guardians went over some financial information that has been coming in.

Raffle tickets will be sold during Monday and Tuesday (March 11 and 12) during Student Led Conferences.  The group worked on people who could come and sell these tickets. 

They discussed the Cocoa and Canvas event on Friday night March 15th.   We still need to sell some spots.

They discussed how to start putting money aside yearly for the Senior Party so it is not so stressful their Senior Year.

We discussed the St. Mary's students and whether they would be included.  Parents/Guardians will get some feedback and we will discuss this at the mext meeting.

Next meeting is Sunday APril 14th at 6 PM.






Minutes from January 18, 2019 Meeting

Around 8  parent/guardians present

Task report out:

- a few parents complained about the donation later -there was a discussion on how to get these can be sent out again

- several parents had donated funds for the 8th-grade class

- there were volunteers to provide hot chocolate, whip cream, and a parent will ask Safeway for a couple of dozen cookies for the Cookies and Canvas fundraiser

- The parents decided to have an ice cream sundae bar with dance and open gym at Miller JH; the cost of the Extreme Fun center was still too much even with the raffle sales and donations

- D4 sports donated shirts (2) for the celebration; parents asked for MJH to donate 2 shirts; parents will ask for donations or collect items and send out a letter in April

-Trish will send out a reminder about the Cookies and Canvas and ask people to send money to MJH

- Next parent meeting will be March 10, Sunday, 6:00 - 7:00



Minutes from January 13, 2019 Meeting

Around 15-20  parent/guardians present

Task report out:

- Fundraising letter request draft was read.  School will find way to send out in multiple ways.

- Bank account question was asked.  Another parent will get this information since it involves the Booster Club.

- IF people write donation checks, they are made out to "Class of 2023"

-  What should the event be?

Extreme Fundraiser report out is posted to Class of 2023 Facebook page. Field trip package was 10 dollar a student.  40 dollars a student if it is unlimited laser tag and go carts.  It seemed too costly for an 8th Grade Party.

There was a discussion around how to do something DIFFERENT for the 8th Graders, that was not too expensive but was different than the typical MJH school dance.

What about renting out the Harbor Arena?  What would that cost?  A parent/guardian volunteered to call the Harbor Arena.  It might be $200 for 2 hours plus $2.00 a kid/skater.  Some kids, however, don't like to skate.

Decided to do an "event" here at Miller from 7 to 9 PM with an ice cream sundae bar.

- We went over the information from printing the fundraising tickets. 

We are OK with the tickets and want to do the safeway card of $200.  A parent volunteered to be in charge. (HURRAY!)

Start selling on January 31st from March 11-12 ... with the drawing on March 15.  Principal emailed the person looking into the printing and let her know it was a "go"!

- another fundraising idea... a take off on PAINT and "SIP"....  they want to do one at Miller that is for families with hot chocolate (Cocoa and Canvas)and one off site for adults .   Tentative date March 15th! 

Where and when could they do an adult one?   A PARENT IS looking into that.


Here is the link to the Facebook group for the 8th grade parents. 
Miller 8th Grade Celebration is the name of the page

NEXT MEETING to plan the 8th Grade Celebration:   January 13th at 6 PM

Minutes from Sunday December 2nd at 6 PM in the Student Center

Twelve people showed up for the meeting and got right to work!

Introductions were made

Purpose of meeting

Every year the parents/guardians of our 8th Graders plan an event for the 8th Grade Class to celebrate the end of middle school and the beginning of high school.

It is typically 2 hours long.

This event is planned, funded, and supervised by 8th Grade Parents/Guardians.

The principal will do a Survey of students will be done with the information

- Extreme Fun Center Take Over

- Dance and Open Gym

- Activities (like Bouncy Houses, Portable Climbing Wall, Karaoke, Games/Competition etc.) in the Gym and Cafeteria

How do we do Permisson Slips with liability waiver for any of these events?  A staff member will find out.

One of the parents/guardians is researching the costs of renting Activities and Games.

One of the parents/guardian will look into PhotoBooth Rentals "Snap Bars" costs

One of the parents/guardian will start the FaceBook Page.

One of the parent/guardians will ask Extreme Fundcenter how much it costs.

One of the parents/guardians will find out the process for starting the checking account.

A table will be set up for information at the next SLC in January 31st  to give out information and fundraising.

They discussed ways to fundraise- one of the biggest fundraisers was a Safeway Gift Card raffle event.  We want to fundraise at SLC's

One of the parents/guardians will look into how to how to print fundraising tickets.  We should make them generic so we can reuse the tickets for more fundraisers.

We need to find people to be at the fundraising table on the 31st.  (Hand out information, accept donations, do the fundraiser.)

We discussed when we need to have Food Handler Permits.


Minutes from Nov 15 8th Grade Celebration Parent/Guardian Meeting

6-7 PM

Miller Library



Purpose of meeting

Every year the parents/guardians of our 8th Graders plan an event for the 8th Grade Class to celebrate the end of middle school and the beginning of high school.

This event is planned, funded, and supervised by 8th Grade Parents/Guardians.

Discussed the history behind the celebration and began planning for the event!

Discussed the school's limited role in the event.

Decisions made:

  • Date and Time of event. Last day of School June 14th
  • We need to survey the students about what they want to do
  • Set next time to meet Dec 2nd at 6PM

Decisions needing to be made:

  • DJ? 
  • Food and beverages? 
  • Photos? 
  • Theme? 
  • Fundraising?  A parents/guardian usually starts the Class of 2023 bank account which then stays through until graduation and is used to fund the Senior Party.
  • Decorations?
  • Donations?
  • Who is allowed to attend?  Only Miller and St Mary's students are usually allowed to attend.
  • Chaperones  - All parents/guardians welcome to set up, supervise, and clean up  (need people to check students in and out.  need people to be in charge of the food and beverages.) 
  • Communication plan to students and parents/guardians

    School Facebook page, Class of 2023 facebookpage is usually made, School Website, School auto Phone calls, emails to students, flyers, info mailed with next grade reports

  • Next meeting date:  December 2nd 6 PM