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Girls' Volleyball Information

Volleyball information:

Thanks for your patience during the weather and while our gym space at Miller was still being used for basketball games and practices.
Beginning on Tuesday February 19th,
8th Grade Volleyball Practice is 2:45 - 4:15
7th Grade Volleyball Practice is 4:15 - 5:45
The game/match schedule is now out!  (2/21/19)... games are getting put on the school calendar now!
Doug Basler - 8th Varsity -
Samantha Deugen-Leverett - 8th JV Blue -
Breanna Gentry - 7th Varsity -
Stephanie Pellegrinin - 7th JV Blue -
Stacy Campbell - 7th JV White -
There is supervision for 7th graders staying after school for practice.  Those staying must:
  • Think about joining the After School Program- you get your snack sooner, tutoring for your homework, followed by a fun activity!
  • Go to locker room and change.
  • Come sit in cafeteria on the NORTH SIDE.
  • Stay clear of the After School Program.
  • Wait to be dismissed for snack- TAKE ONE SNACK AND ONE MILK.
  • Stay seated at the cafeteria tables.
  • Clean up after your snack AND ENCOURAGE others to do the same.
  • Do your homework or read while waiting for practice.
  • Keep your music choices to yourself. (No blue tooth speakers. Use ear buds.)
  • Keep hands/feet etc. to oneself AND do not touch other people’s things.
  • Ask Supervisor for permission before leaving cafeteria.
  • Only one person to the bathroom at a time- use the one by the girls’ locker room.
  • If you leave campus after school, do not return until your practice starts.
  • Remember, the supervisor will report athletes who choose not to follow expectations to the Coaches, the Athletic Director, and Assistant Principal.
  • Follow all school rules.
  • Follow the directions of the Supervisor.
  • Athletes who can not follow the expectations will no longer be allowed to attend AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS SUPERVISION (which means they will need to GO HOME and then COME BACK.)

On games days, 7th and 8th graders may also wait for their mathc in the student center under supervision as long as they adhere to the expectations.