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Friday Fire Drill Practice

Today we practiced the evacuation procedure that would be used in case of a fire. Below is the script that was read to students over the intercom. 

I'm so proud of our Central Park students for taking this drill seriously so that they know exactly what to do to keep everyone safe.

-Mrs. Erwin-Svoboda


Attention students and staff:

Today we are going to practice a fire drill. Please stay seated and at voice level 0 while I explain how we will practice.

In the event of a real fire, you would hear a very loud and fast beep will continue over the intercom. That is the signal to evacuate the building.

Each classroom has a planned evacuation route. Today you will follow this route outside and line up with your class.  In the case of a real emergency, your teacher could change the route if necessary to keep you safe. 

When we evacuate the building, it is very important to remain calm, stay with your class, have walking feet and maintain a voice level 0. There will be no talking as we go outside and line up in the safe areas.

This is important so you can hear directions that will keep you and others safe.

In just a second I will make a pretend fire alarm noise. That is your signal to follow your teacher’s directions and evacuate the building. 

Beep Beep Beep

5th Grade Class