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FlashAlert: Sign up or renew an account

Flash Alert

By subscribing to the FlashAlert system, you can receive an email or text message when the district announces school closures or posts emergency information.

News for current subscribers

If you are a current FlashAlert subscriber, you must renew your subscription each year or you may be dropped from the alert list. You should have received a reminder in recent weeks from FlashAlert letting you know that it’s time to renew. 

If you already deleted the reminder, simply visit and follow the prompts to enter your account. If your account has already been deleted, simply create a new one.


Creating an account:

All you need is an e-mail address and you can register up to three e-mail or text message addresses:

§    Go to

§    On the map, click the Seattle/Washington state button

§    Choose “Grays Harbor Schools”

§    Then choose “Aberdeen”

§    You should see a window for “new subscribers”

§    Enter your e-mail address and follow the prompts to set up your account.


Additional information:

We learned last year that text messages to cell phones can sometimes be delayed if school districts in several counties are all declaring closures at the same time.  However, email messages seemed to go through smoothly.  So, if you’re ever in doubt, check the email account you used to set up your subscription.

In addition, closures are promptly posted on the district’s web site and the district still notifies local media and radio stations whenever there is a delay or closure.

It’s important to remember that during a widespread power outage, your only source of information may be the local radio stations.  So stay tuned.