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School Report Card

Link to Robert Gray Info on OSPI website

Dear Aberdeen Community Members,

The Aberdeen School District strongly believes students, parents, teachers, community members and peers are all involved in the teaching and learning process.  Working together, we contribute to the growth and education of our young people as they transition from early childhood to graduation. 

The information presented in our district reports represents the success, challenges and ongoing growth as we work to achieve our goals through our district strategies.  The focus in each school is on enhancing student learning.  Through increasing our knowledge of Powerful Teaching and Learning, effective leadership, use of technology and communicating with our constituents, we are on the learning path that expects and achieves excellence for all. 

Working together to problem solve and tackle the difficult challenges that lie ahead will take a community.  It is a pleasure to share the information with our community so that we may continue our mission as a premier learning community.

Thank you,

Alicia Henderson


The mission of the Aberdeen School District is to be a strong,

inspirational learning community that empowers students

to embrace life's opportunities.