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6th Grade FAQ (AHS Class of 2024)

FAQ's to the Class of 2024

When is 6th Grade moving to Miller Junior High?

Fall of 2019 (next year), Miller Junior High will have 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders.

We will have over 800 students with more staff to help as well!

Where are the 6th graders going to be?

Sixth graders will be part of our school, just like 7th and 8th Graders.  We are adding a building in the back of the school.

What will be in the new building?

The building will be connected to our school by a covered walk way and will have 10 classrooms, bathrooms, and a “good” water fountain/bottle filling station.  (It will be air conditioned, too!)  There will be student lockers out there as well.

What classes will 6th graders take?

A 6th Grade schedule/day will look like the current 7th grade schedule.  We are still working out the details, but a 6th grade day should include:

·       Math / Science block

·       English-Language Arts / Social Studies block

·       PE/Health

·       Elective (Choir, Band or Other)

·       Advisory

What about lunch?

We are going to have 3 lunches next year, so 6th graders will have their own lunch.

What about sports and activities?

We are still working on this since we have to follow the state rules about sports.  We want our 6th graders involved!  They will buy ASB cards and come to dances as well.

How are 6th grader getting ready for Miller?

Soon Miller will be visiting the 5th grade classrooms to give them information.  We will have parent/guardians nights at the elementary school AND at Miller.  Miller has a team of 7th graders who will also help with orientation before school starts AND on the first day of school.

How will this impact YOU as an 8th grader next year?

You are VERY IMPORTANT!  We will have over 800 students next year and 500 of them will be new to our school.  You will be helping 500 students (and some new staff) learn about Miller Junior High.  You will be the role models and the leaders. 

Lisa Griebel (Principal - Miller Junior High)
(360) 538-2100