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2020-2021 Distance Learning Expectation Matrix

2020-2021 Distance Learning Expectation Matrix

Stevens Distance Learning Expectation Matrix


Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Be Kind

Voice Levels


*Follow Adult Directions


*Eat meals during designated meal times




*Keep food and drinks away from technology


*Eat before school starts & at lunch time



*Eat at a table or area away from technology


*Wash hands for 20 seconds & dry before using technology after eating

*Use Manners

Level 0:

Microphone turned off


*Respect Other’s learning


*Raise your hand to notify the  teacher


*Turn off the camera while leaving the room


*Return to Class Quickly

*Use the restroom before or after ZOOM sessions or during scheduled breaks


*Wash Hands

for 20 seconds

*Walk Safely In and Out


*Use Manners


*Honor the learning of other classmates

Level 0:

Microphone turned off

Distance Learning (Virtual Classroom)

*Enter Zoom with your mic off


*Raise your hand


*Take turns talking


*Come to class on time





*Carry your Chromebook with both hands


*Eat and drink away from Chromebook

*Wait your turn


*Use kind words


*Positive responses


Level 0


*Unmuted when appropriate


*Follow adult directions


*Attend on time


*Access the teacher(s) using ZOOM; email; or other online resource



*Participate in classroom lessons; ZOOMS; Canvas


*Access learning programs


*Keep online logins in a safe place

*Carry device with two hands


*Store the device and charger in a safe place (or Go Kit box)


*Food and drinks away from the device

*Interact positively with others


*Use gentle hands



*Take care of Books

*Store Books in the Go Kit container


*Report damaged books to the teacher



*Be Attentive


*Be supportive of others

*Participate when Expected


*Stay muted during the entire assembly

*Join the assembly on time


*Clap at Appropriate Times and nicely


*Be a Role Model

Level 0


*Store school supplies in the Go Kit tubs