May 27, 2021

Thursday Schedule

Advisory 8:00-8:30

Class One/Period One 8:30-10:23

Class Two /Period Two 10:23-12:15

Independent Learning Time 1- 2:15


Grade Level Support Zooms 1-2


6th Grade Band (Brass and percussion)  1-1:35

6th Grade Orchestra  1-2

7th Grade Band  1:40-2:15


May 31st Memorial Day-No School

June 7th 6th Grade Environmental Field Day for Team A

June 8th 6th Grade Environmental Field Day for Team B

June 15th Last Day of School/Early Release

Attention Grade 8 Football Players 

The high school football meeting was on Tuesday 5/25 at with the AHS Football Coach, Mr. Bridge. 

The handouts from the meeting were emailed to all the 8th grade students.

Football starts at the high school on June 14. Questions?  Email

The coach encouraged your family to join the Aberdeen Football Facebook page.


Click below for a short video from Mr. Meers!

Hello from NEXT Year's MJH Principal!



Attention Grade 8 Students-


Were you missing a Kindergarten or 8th grade Photo for the slide show?

The last day to submit those is FRIDAY, MAY 28TH!



The last day of the Afterschool Program is June 3rd


Next Year 7th Grade Elective Requests


Next Year 8th grade Elective Requests




All library books are due on June 1st, class novels and textbooks are due by June 11th. 

Please remember to bring your chromebook and charger on the last day of school so that you can return it! 


Did you check out a MIFI Hotspot? Please return it with the charger in the original box on the last day of school.


Students are now able to log-in to the Timberland Regional Library with their Student ID. Students will use their nine digit Student ID number + MMYYYY(birthdate) as their log-in, and their password will be their month and day of birth(MMDD).

example: student whose ID is 123456789 and birthdate is January 1, 2008 will have a log-in of 123456789012008 and password of 0101.

Here is the link for students:

Students should click on the My Account link in the upper right corner.





ASB Election Information for CURRENT GRADE 6 and GRADE 7


Applications are open and are due by 2pm on Friday, May 28.



After reviewing the applications, elections for next year's officers will happen on Tuesday, June 1st. Please email Mrs. Emmett if you have any questions at 

The following positions are available:

  • President (8th grade only)
  • Vice President (8th grade only)
  • Secretary (8th grade only)
  • 8th Grade Senators (2 positions available)
  • 7th Grade Senators (2 positions available)



ASB Election for Current Grade 8


Applications are open and are due by 2pm on Friday, May 28.



After reviewing the applications, elections for next year's officers will happen on Tuesday, June 1st. Please email Mrs. Emmett if you have any questions at 

The following positions are available:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer


If you are elected you are committing to being in a leadership Advisory, leadership I period, and Leadership Class.  This is a BIG commitment


Grade 6 Students-


Start getting ready for Environmental Field Day

Our high school Outdoor School Team is planning an Environmental Field Day for our 6th graders here at MJH on June 7 and 8.  Even though students are outside, they will be expected to follow the COVID safety protocols of wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart.  Students should wear outdoor shoes




There are NO ZOOMS scheduled for Distance Learners on the day their team is doing the Field Day.  Distance Learners will get some outdoor activity ideas in their Canvas Classes.


The 6th grade students will be taught by trained high school student leaders, just like 6th Grade Camp/Outdoor School.

The 6th grade students will be learning in groups of 4-6 and will stay in those groups only.

The 3 main learning areas will each last 1 hour and the students will go to all 3. The learning areas will be called Trail, Otter, and Plants.

Each learning area has 4-6 topics that will be covered including water quality, plants, and animals activities.

The topics will be taught by having the students do activities. There will be some data recording so a pen or pencil will be needed. 

We will be walking and standing and moving the entire time and we plan to do this rain or shine. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and have a waterproof layer ready just in case.


Cohort A School Pictures are here!

If you were in Cohort A and ordered pictures, they are here!

They have gone to your advisory teachers!


Distance Learners can pick them up from the school office service window during office hours.


If you are a DISTANCE learner and have finished your MAPS testing, you can come to the office window during office hours to get your second $25 gift card

If you are an IN PERSON learner and have NOT gotten your second gift card, you need to email the principal.

MJH has a home track meet tonight.


Due to COVID, we are limited on the number of spectators.  MJH students can NOT come to watch the track meet unless they are with parents/guardians.


If you are a track athlete and you have family coming to watch:


1) MJH is limited to 200 spectators and they must be seated in the stadium seating/bleachers- no sitting in the grass, standing on the fence, etc.  As people leave the track meet, we will let more people in.


2)"Groups/Pods/Families must sit 6 feet away from other spectators.


3) Masks required at ALL TIMES on spectators.  We do NOT have a vaccinated section .


4) Spectators will be screened at the entry point-  I will take their temperatures and they must verbally attest to having NO COVID symptoms.


5) Once we hit 200 spectators, we will no longer allow other spectators into the facility.


Extended Learning Program Opportunity for 6th and 7th graders July 6th-August 13th

It’s a 5-week summer session to prepare students for the upcoming school year.  The program will offer arts, STEM, English, Math, and PNW classes.  Students will be able to take two classes per day.  Please go to our MJH website under Great Things @ Miller for more information.

English Form: Current 5th, 6th and 7th graders

Spanish Form: Current 5th, 6th, and 7th graders


8th grade students

Aberdeen High School is offering Two summer sessions for credit retrieval for the upcoming school year, and an extended learning experience to support academic learning and growth.  They are also offering math for Summer School to our 8th graders. It is an Algebra Readiness class so you can go straight into Algebra next year. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Roiko at 360-538-2051 or email at

English Form: Current 8th grade only

Spanish Form: Current 8th grade only




School Office Hours

The MJH Office is open Monday- Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Even though we have returned students to in person learning, parents/guardians are still not allowed inside the building. You can access service by ringing the bell and waiting. All support is provided through the service window to the outside. Please wear a mask. You can also call the main office at (360) 538-2100. A secure drop box is available for after hours drop off of materials. The office is closed during school holidays. 

Go, BobKittens!  Dream, Believe, Achieve!