Welcome to WWET

  • WWET Club - Western Washington Educational Tours
  • Take Saturday field trips periodically throughout the year.
  • Any student can participate. 
  • Do not need to participate in every trip. 
  • Each trip costs money.  Cost includes entrance fees, gas money, and bus driver cost.
  • We take the first 50 students that pay and turn in their forms.
  • We need at least 8 chaperones per trip.
  • Each trip needs trip permission form, code of conduct and medical form.
  • Teacher advisors are Mrs. Laura Carle (room 134) and Ms. Meissner (room 113).
  • You can pick up any trip papers from Mrs. Carle and Ms. Meissner
  • Turn in your forms and money to Mrs. Carle. (To the office until I am back in the building.  I am at the Steven's portable - 203)
  • Students need to purchase an ASB card to participate on these trips since it is an ASB club.  Cost is $30 which is a one time fee.


What trips are we taking this year?

Mt. St. Helen's  - September 28th  - $15.

Portland trip (Lloyd Center, Sat. Market) – December 7th – about $25

Seattle Aquarium and Pike Place Market – March 7th – about $25

Reign Soccer Game (Women’s soccer team) -  May – about $30