Student/Family School Compact

Student – Parent – School Compact


During the fall of each school year students, parents, and teachers will be asked to sign this compact. The following lists some responsibilities of each party in regards to student achievement.

Durante el otoño de cada año escolar, se pedirá a los estudiantes, los padres y el personal de la escuela que firmen el pacto entre los padres y la escuela. El pacto explica las responsabilidades de cada parte con respecto al rendimiento de los estudiantes


As a school, we will:

…contact my child’s teacher or other school personnel with any questions I may have. 

...attend all regularly scheduled student-family-teacher conferences. my child read at least 15 minutes for a minimum of four nights a week.

...send my child to school on time and make sure he/she is well rested. to my child about school and assist with all homework.


As a parent / guardian, I will:

help my child read for at least 15 minutes daily.

send my child to school on time.

make sure my child is well rested. 

talk to my child about school and assist with homework.




As a student at Stevens Elementary school, I will:

...respect myself, my school and all others. at least 15 minutes a day or more.

...complete and turn in all my schoolwork on time.

...go to bed at a reasonable hour and eat a healthy breakfast and lunch.

...come to school on time and ready to learn.

We agree that students have the best opportunity to succeed in school when we work together to accomplish these things.

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